Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Web site

If you like research visit our web site we have some articles and studies posted.  The Mayo Clinic is in the process of publishing a study on Calmare therapy.  We will keep you posted with the rusults


Friday, August 17, 2012

Still some items left

Thanks to all those that called and looked at our furnishings.  We sold all the pictures and some of the mirrors.  The fridges, microwaves and a few desk chairs are gone.  We still have lots of plants the leather couches, love seats, massage tables and stacking chairs.  I will let you know when we decide to bring the trailer to our office so that everyone can look at whats left.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Office Furniture for Sale

After moving out of our stand alone clinics in Salt Lake and St George and moving into other medical clinics we have a lot of left over furnishings. Contact Kaleen at Spero 435-656-1916 to look at these and MANY more pictures, mirrors, chairs, mini fridge, microwave, paper shredder, vacuums, and more!

$40 for set

Brand New $950 for Love seat and Couch

$30 for set

SOLD  $25 for set

Sold   $35



$25 per chair


$50 for set

$35 for set


$50 each

$85 for set

$100 per chair includes foot stool

SOLD  $25

Depends on size - range from $25 to $100

$30 set

More Photos

Mirrors - depending on size  up to $100



$30 set

Round table $45 - Flowers $20 per

SOLD $25 per

Have 3 - $100 per

$35 for set

$45 set



Have 2 one large one small - $15-25

$50 each

$15 set

SOLD $25

SOLD $25

Couch and Love seat $950  vase SOLD
Coffee Table $50 - Pictures $50 set, Mirror , Lamp $25

$150 set

$100 for chair and foot stool